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Programig the factory keyfob with factory remote start module

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hello all,

I bought a used '12 Ford Escape, I saw under the steering wheel that the car is equipped with factory oem Remote start but the car came only with two factory key fobs without the transmitter.
Is It possible to program the key (shown below) to activate the Remote Start?

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There was no factory installed remote start for these cars.
Most aftermarket installs use the factory remotes/ remote key as the operator.
Do you have a photo of what you are seeing?

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This is the exact OEM system in my Escape but without the remote (seems lost)

what should I do to make it work?

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Ahh, the dealer-installed remote start.
I totally forgot about that.
The instructions are on Google.
You won't be able to program the factory vehicle remotes (integrated or non) to the remote start. It requires the specified remotes. I saw those on eBay for cheap.
If you get those going, that would be kinda cool.
I looked into one of these and decided to go with a remote start unit from MPC that uses the factory remotes. Lock-unlock-lock starts it, and no extra remotes required.

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thanks a lot davez, appreciate your support 💕💯
I bought my remote start kit from

It really was plug and play. I press the stock lock button on the remote 3 times and it'll turn on after a few seconds.

If you press the brake without the key, it shuts off, preventing theft. It auto shuts off after 15 minutes, and if you get in after remote starting it, but realize you forgot something, as long as you haven't shifted it, you can take the key back out of the ignition and it'll keep running.

I can't recommend it enough.
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