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Proud new Tribute owner

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Well, its done.
2011 Trib GX
Mica Grey.

This is my first new car. (SUV) Here's hoping for the best!
Went to Sundance Mazda in Edmonton. The sales service was fantastic. I've been hunting for a bit now and went to a few dealerships. Some where pushy pricks. lots where actually.
These guys, no pressure. Was great to deal with. Worked the numbers well with me on my trade (07 Mazda 5 GT)
Overall I'm happy. I hope their service department is as good! :)
That was not a plug. That was my honest opinion.

Anyway, So I am now a full time member to the E-C board.

BTW hah, you guys and your emoticons when you welcome people are great!
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Can we see pics....? I hope you enjoy your new ride. :)
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