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Due to financial problems, i had to get rid of my fully loaded 2008 GMC Yukon. It was fully paid off, so all the proceeds went to me.

I got ahold of a 2008 ford escape with....wait for it...91k miles. t'was a fleet vehicle, and after watching the last season of dexter, i love the styling of the escape. After a few days (and some buyers remorse) I realized that it may need some major maintenance issues that need to be addressed. I noticed the fuel economy is terrible, almost makes me think there is a leak, i did some inspection and cant seem to find one. So i'm assuming it needs a full tune up, spark plugs, a brake job, new tires, and alignment. I'll be doing all of this pretty soon.

One thing that's really annoying and is making me kinda regret buying this vehicle is the rough ride. It is terrible, i can feel every little bump on the road, its annoying! Considering the high mileage, i'm assuming the shocks and struts need to be replaced as well.

Also, when i put some weight on the rear, such as just pushing down on it from the rear bumper, it sqeaks real bad - could this be a sign of the need of new shocks and struts? at least for the rear.

And last thing, i'm a big guy - i weight about 300 lbs. I tend to notice that when im inside the vehicle, the front driver side suspension bottoms out, and part of the drivers side rear does that as well. Is this small suv not for big guys? or is it my 91k miles of wear and tear of the suspension?

Feel free to make fun of my weight. Just keep in mind im a 6'6 guy :peace:

Thanks in advanced folks
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I don't want to rain on your parade,but shocks and struts to not support the vehicle.That is the job of the springs.Shocks control the rebound of the wheel.Most coil springs fail due to constant overloading, excessive up and down movement or just a general breakdown due to metal fatigue. Springs can also corrode and rust. How do you know if you have a suspension problem? You'll probably feel it if a spring fails, your ride will become hard and jarring. Failed shocks may result in excessive "bouncing" or up and down movement of your car's front or back end. It may also become harder to steer, and could feel like your vehicle is pulling to the left or right.And as far as placing spacers between the coils,thats a no no.Automotive coil springs are wound tight at the top and bottom and loose in the center.Each part of the spring controls a certain type of force.The tighter windings controls normal road vibrations and the loosely wound control the heavy loads,like potholes and speed bumps.At 300lbs your probably collapsing the tighter windings.I would recommend replacing the front coils with one designed for your needs like from Pohl Spring Works.
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