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Questions anyone?

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If you have a E/M/T question, please ask. I am going to a clinic this evening, and can ask the mechanic what ever you may want to know. Not a lets see if we can trip up the mechinic type thing. I'm looking for an honest issue that you haven't got the answer for yet.

My other post about this is in things you are thankful for.

I'm thankful for the really nice mechanics and service personnel at our local Hiley Mazda dealership. They were very kind and helpful on our visit yesterday. Even tolerated my questions and thought that I was funny! Silly people. I asked so many questions that they invited me back tomorrow (today) for a clinic on taking care of The Big Red 1 after the service policy runs out this next year.

Any questions guys? If you have one, send it to me and I will ask it.
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I'll get back to you as soon as the class is over. ;)

Camus- The only thing they could come up with based on what you told me is that the IAC is probably the issue. But I am thinking that is the second item you could not think of the name to, the one you named being MAF. They said they would have to have it in their shop to make an accurate survey of the car. Hmm. I asked about the check engine light and the brake servo, but they were not thinking that had anything to do with the issue.
Good deal. I and others with early decade Fords have issues with our IACs. Especially the 4.6L V-8 Mustangs. I'm not hearing too much out of the F-150 crowd or the Crown Victoria owners. But the IAC seems to have some issues on Fords. They sometimes get stuck in position. If the idle seems to run unusually high, it's probably the IAC. Then again, I thought I had an IAC issue back in 2006, and it turned out to be the ECM had failed. It was operating under some default setting. ECM :$650.00. Warranty: priceless... ;)

I hope yours is just the IAC. :peace:
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You want a new lawn? :calvin: :bag:
Good for you Camus!

Yeah, I think chatter will probably be disk replacements. Especially if they have been turned once already.
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