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Radio issue

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I drained my battery the other night sitting in the car with the radio going so I jump started it with a jump pack... stupid me put the (-) clamp on the engine support bar and not the ground post thinking that would work. Nope.... charged it alittle but not enough to turn over the engine. YouTubed the right way and voila it worked. Now, my radio does not work and every time I start my car the screen says "Loading..." (see photo)

Did I fry the fuse or what? And if I did, I assume it's the fuse panel in the rear of the car that it's located to change?
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Try this, disconnect both battery cables. Now touch both disconnected battery cables together for 30 seconds. This is a hard reboot of all modules. Now the important part, the battery must be fully charged, if good, or replaced if bad. With a fully charged battery, turn the key on, without starting, and turn the radio on.
Ummm yeah and there is actually such a thing as blinker fluid... 馃槒 lol
He's not messing with you.
My apologies, sounded like he was lol.

Ok so I don't own a battery charger except my jump pack. I not familiar with Fords.... All I've ever owned is Dodge/Mopar.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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