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random seat question...

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Ok I have a very random question but it's worth a shot. I'm basically wondering if there is anything I can do, or any way I can go about making my seats lean forward more towards the dash. As you can see in the picture, I want the passenger seat to tilt as towards the front dash as possible, as of now they only go straight up and back.

As you may be wondering, the reason for this is because when I am competing in SPL (sound pressure level competitions) we usually try to direct in car air flow. And as I learned the hard way last season during tuning that the seats only really come straight up. My idea set up would to be have the passenger seat lean all the way to the dash as some cars can. Is there anything I can do to make that seat lean more? Like maybe temporally loosen a bolt or something? I realize that this is probably a reallllyyyy weird questions but any info would help lol. Thanks
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from personal experience i have never seen a seat affect your score. The main factors would be making sure all windows are up and doors are shut. You can open your driver side door and kind of pull it in and out and that will sometimes change your score some.
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