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Rare OEM running boards

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So my old neighbor who just purchased a 2003 ford escape XLT has these sporty silver runningboards. They are a 1.5-2 inch silver tube that is more looks than function. I have this one picture that I found. I have seen these before but cant find them anywhere. Im trying to replace my running boards because I think they are rusting from the inside out. They still look good from the viewable side, but they are rusting up on the bottom in a few small spots. So I would like to track these down if possible. Does anyone know the Ford part number for these?
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Can't say I've seen them before... and I've been on Escape boards for almost 8 years now. Good luck finding them.
Closest I could find is the Westin bar at the following link:

Only thing is they don't look like they are as snug to the body as the ones in the photos posted above...

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Hmm.... The following thread lists some Accent Bars for sale:

It's the 11th item down: 1L8Z16450BA Accent Bars Escape 2001-2007

I wonder if it's the same item...
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