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Reading Recommendations

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I've noticed that there are quite a few folks on here who read, either a lot or even occasionally. I thought it would be nice to hear what people like, what the're reading now, something they read in the past and would recommend, etc.

For me, I like a variety of book/novel genre; detective stories, mysteries, spy stories, westerns, military technothrillers, things like that. I also like a biography if it is someone I find interesting (I've read biographies on Chuck Yeager, Gen. Norman Swartzkopf, Gen Colin Powell, recently read Doris Kearns Goodwin's excellent 'Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln' ). However, I am most partial historical novels; those books about real times and/or places with a fictional character to help tell the story. Those are the James Michener or Leon Uris type books.

I'll post this now to explain the topic in general, then I'll post another with my current readings. Feel free to post anything you want, whether to comment on a posting, or to talk about your own readings. Maybe you read to learn, maybe you read just for pleasure.

I hope folks enjoy the sharing. I love books (I have a hard time purging my own collections, much to my wifes chagrin), and have always been an avid reader, since I was little.
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a great read from a new author is called ... 54&sr=8-26
quickest read i ever had if you like military/fiction novels. A few type O but it's awesome.
"The Road" that will be my next book. i think they are making a movie based on that book with Danzel Washington called "the book of Joe" it will be out 1-1-10. i read a review about it last year and said to myself, it sounds worth seeing it on the big screen
thanks for the recommendation Dave..
I just finished a book called "The Hate Factory". It's about the old New Mexico prison system and a riot that took place in 1980. Great read, a little graphic but it will allow anybody who reads it to appreciate our daily lives without having to be monitored and hyper vigilant every minute of the day and night. The book was written by an inmate that survived the riot then edited. :box:
Tristan Jones- Ice
Tristan Jones- The Incredible Voyage
Both true story sailing adventures. the guy is incredible. Ice is an incredible journey..
he has several other fiction and non fiction books they are awesome if your into adventure.
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