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Rear roof spoiler

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Has anyone tried the rear roof spoilers that are on ebay? I am interested in one but am nervous about paint match. They seem cheap enough but I am nervous they are to good to be true. Also is the paint code listed on the sticker in the door seem after the "EXT PT" and just under the bar code? If so mine is a T9 and on one of the listings states that code is for a green color, mine is Black Pearl. I know if it's on ebay it must be true.LOL I just don't want to order a green spoiler for my pretty black truck. Thanks, Mike
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mville656 said:
Fit was not perfect, but color match looks right on. I will try to post pics this weekend.
What was the fitting problem? I was considering it, but worried about the paint. Does it have a good shine to it? Really looking forward to the pics....
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