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Rear roof spoiler

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Has anyone tried the rear roof spoilers that are on ebay? I am interested in one but am nervous about paint match. They seem cheap enough but I am nervous they are to good to be true. Also is the paint code listed on the sticker in the door seem after the "EXT PT" and just under the bar code? If so mine is a T9 and on one of the listings states that code is for a green color, mine is Black Pearl. I know if it's on ebay it must be true.LOL I just don't want to order a green spoiler for my pretty black truck. Thanks, Mike
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I'm thinking about purchasing a spoiler for my 08 Escape with a paint code of T9 also. Most ebay sellers don't offer the paint code of T9. This seller will match any color requested and is a reasonably priced. Let me know if you have found something else to consider.
Same here. I purchased from the ebay seller in my post above and very happy with the product. Color is right on and attaches to the escape securely (had to drill 2 holes in the hatch).
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