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Rear turn signals not working

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For reference, i have a 2003 Escape,V6, 4WD. It started with the left rear, but now neither rear turn signal works. I have all other lights- brake, parking, back-up, etc. The signals flash fast, and the fronts are working. I replaced bulbs and checked sockets and all wiring I could see. I used a test light and found no power to those sockets. I would have thought fuse, but the front signal bulbs are working. What am I missing, guys?
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Per the first diagram, the power source common to both comes from the CJB, central junction box. I would be looking for the power/ground on C1413 and C1416, and if either/both are missing(bet no power) I would be at the source on the CJB. It is possible the conductor has suffered corrosion, physical damage, etc between the junction box and the last connector before the socket.
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