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This one is real simple, and most probably already know how to make them...Chicken Brochettes!!

- Brochette sticks
- Green/Red/Orange Peppers (whichever you prefer)
- Onions
- Boneless Chicken breasts
- Bacon
- Your favourite BBQ Sauce
- Optional -> Any other vegetable you like! Perhaps small tomatoes?

Chop up the onions and peppers into large chunks, keep in mind that they will shrink once on the bbq, so make them big enough. Cut up the chicken into large cubes. Then chop the long strips of bacon in half. Throw all the ingredients onto the sticks, spacing them out evenly, not too close or it wont cook as fast. The important part is to keep the bacon beside the chicken at all times, during cooking, the bacon will keep the chicken moist and from drying out! Throw them on the bbq on low heat, smother in your favourite bbq sauce, and voila!! Cook until the chicken is ready and serve!
1 - 1 of 100 Posts
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