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Removing the leather seat covers in 2005

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I have two third party seat warmers I would like to install in my vehicle. However, where can one find directions on how to remove the leather seat covers in my 2005 Escape Hybrid?
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I have your report printed out. The 2005 Hybrid does not use the same method to secure the bottom leather seat cover as your 2004. There is no velcro attachment or any garbage bag tie holding everything in one place. I do not want to remove the seats from the vehicle as I have airbags in the side of the seats and would have to disconnect the electrical connection with the possibility of needing a visit to Ford to "reset" them.
JPark, thanks for "tip" about using the service DVD as I have this but "forgot" to look at it. :doh: The information I need is in the DVD(section 501) and more importantly, how to depower the front seat airbags:

501-20B-1 Supplemental Restraint System 501-20B-1
Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) 3. At the smart junction box (SJB), located at the
Depowering and Repowering RH side of the center console, remove the
cover and the restraints control module (RCM)
Depowering Procedure fuse F33 (15A) from the SJB. For additional
information, refer to the Wiring Diagram
WARNING: Always wear safety glasses
when repairing an air bag supplemental restraint 4. Turn the ignition ON and visually monitor the
system (SRS) vehicle and when handling an air air bag indicator for at least 30 seconds. The air
bag module. This will reduce the risk of injury in bag indicator will remain lit continuously (no
the event of an accidental deployment. flashing) if the correct RCM fuse has been
removed. If the air bag indicator does not
WARNING: Never probe the connectors on remain lit continuously, remove the correct
the air bag module. Doing so can result in air RCM fuse before proceeding.
bag deployment, which can result in personal
injury. 5. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.
WARNING: Never probe the electrical 6. WARNING: To avoid accidental
connector on a safety canopy module. Doing so deployment and possible personal injury, the
can result in safety canopy deployment. backup power supply must be depleted
before repairing or replacing any front or
WARNING: Do not handle, move or side air bag supplemental restraint system
change the original horizontal mounting position (SRS) components and before servicing,
of the restraints control module (RCM) while the replacing, adjusting or striking components
RCM is connected and the ignition switch is ON. near the front or side air bag sensors, such
Failure to follow these instructions may result in as doors, instrument panel, console, door
the inadvertent deployment of the safety canopy latches, strikers, seats and hood latches.
and risk of personal injury.
The front impact severity sensor is located
WARNING: To reduce the risk of personal on the radiator support bracket.
injury, do not use any memory saver devices. The first row side impact sensors (if
equipped) are located at or near the base of
NOTE: If a seat equipped with a supplemental the B-pillars.
restraint system (SRS) component is being serviced, The second row side impact sensors (if
the SRS must be depowered. equipped) are located on the C-pillar.
NOTE: The air bag warning lamp illuminates when To deplete the backup power supply energy,
the RCM fuse is removed and the ignition switch is disconnect the battery ground cable and wait
ON. This is normal operation and does not indicate at least one minute. Be sure to disconnect
a supplemental restraint system (SRS) fault. auxiliary batteries and power supplies (if
NOTE: The SRS must be fully operational and free Disconnect the battery ground cable (14301)
of faults before releasing the vehicle to the and wait at least one minute. For additional
customer. information, refer to Section 414-01.
1. Turn all vehicle accessories OFF.
2. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.
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This is the photo of the seat via the Service DVD section 501

It appears the correct procedure for this project is
1. depower the airbags
2. disconnect the negative battery cable
3. remove the bottom seat cover--it is likely I will need to remove some the plastic hardware around the seat to get the cover off
4. remove the headrest
5. remove the upper back seat cover--this might be easier said than done
6. place the third party seatwarmers on the seat and secure to the seat cushion via the sticky tape. Should one also use sewing thread at each corner to help with this?
7. run the wiring thru the seating area, secure wires and lead them to the smart junction box on the passenger side of the center console but do not attach yet.
8. replace the upper back seat cover
9. replace the head rest
10. replace the lower seat cover
11 replace any plastic hardware that was removed with the lower seat cover
12. hook up the wiring in the smart junction box. Each seat warmer requires 5amp, meaning at least 10amp fuse is required
13. hook up the negative battery cable
14. power up the seat airbag
15 check out your project-if successful, head for dairy queen for a Blizzard. :)
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Caveman returns to let everyone know this project is a pain in the rear end and is difficult to "start". The plastic side seat protectors need to be removed to begin this project.

Lift up the lever that adjusts the angle of the seat back and one finds a screw.

With the correct metric tool, the screw is removed. But the front and rear ends of this plastic piece remain in place. Lets pull it around a little to see what is the hold up. OOPS! I broke :cuss: a plastic clip that holds the front onto the seat frame.

A little more tugging around reveals this project needs an inside "job" (information with photos) or detailed help to get it up and running again. Furthermore, this plastic side seat protector needs to be removed over the handle on the lever that adjusts the seat back. How in the heck does one remove the handle on this lever without breaking it.

Looks like I stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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If you can see a string under the seat covers in one of my photos, then I would appreciate it if you would identify what photo you are referring to.
I can relook under the seat again when the rain lets up. I can try to photo this if I can get a good view.
I checked under the seat and there is no drawstrings. There is a molded pan (shown in previous documents) and there are clips that go into this pan. I need better documentation to continue.
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