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Removing the leather seat covers in 2005

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I have two third party seat warmers I would like to install in my vehicle. However, where can one find directions on how to remove the leather seat covers in my 2005 Escape Hybrid?
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I have a 2004 xlt with leather seats and I installed heated seat pads. I did a complete write up on removal and installation. I copied it from another forum. hint hint.

So this morning before work I went to town with my install. I left the seat in the car while i worked. Its not that hard to work on while in the car. By leaving it in the car it helps with the removal of the upper seat cover. The bottom was very easy to remove. Just be gentle when you disconnect the velcro that keeps the cover in place. There is a drawstring holding the seat cover tight(kinda like the top of a hefty trash bag.)

The top section was actually pretty hard to manipulate. Very hard to remove. You have to be patient and take your time and work the leather cover free from the top. First use a flat head screwdriver to break free the bottom snap clip (about 8-9 inches long) at the bottom of the top cover. After that its time for patients and its okay to let your frustration out using cursewords instead of on the cover. once the covers are off its easy from here.

Take the seat heaters you will need to get a heater pad that is 10"x22 to make it cover the entire top and bottom covers. And yes my heaters go from the top of my shoulders to the back of my knees. I used carbon mesh which is enclosed in a thin felt liner. i cut a 3/4" slot in the bottom and top heaters to allow the velcro from the cover to stick to the cushion. ****just dont cut the connecting copper strip that runs down the side, this will ruin the heater.*** you can see the strip when you hold the heater to a light.

Then just lay the heaters in place using the peel and stick tape. and feed your wires to the bottom of the seat. the bottom cushion has a molded area for the heater wire to go into. and reattach the cushion putting tension to the seat cover as you attach it to the velcro.

I ran out of time this morning and I still need to do the electrical. I'm mounting the seat heater buttons on the sides of the lower dash. (I have a 2004 which has the cubbys in the lower dash,under the center dash). I hope to get this thing up and running tonight. I think i might run a jumper off the powerpoint in the dash. and ill post all the pictures when its all complete.
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I dont see how the seat would be attached any differently. it looks exactly the same. But I guess is could be. If you go under the seat and look there should be a string that is hooked around the bottom of the seat cover.( I think I can actually see the string/strap around the frame of the seat in one of your pictures.) Once that is removed it loosens the bottom of the seat cover. Then the cover can be peeled back from the front, rear and sides. From there the seat cover is held down at the seams in the leather by pieces of green and white hook and loop velcro. This material is sewn into the leather seat cover.

This is the velcro im talking about... its green and white.
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well here is a picture of what my seat looks like underneath.

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