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replacing factory sub in premium radio

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im planning on replacing the factory sub on my premium radio. does any one know what the wattage, ohm impedace the factory sub is? looking at probably just putting in a kicker 10c84. going to replace the speaker at a later time.
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its only 80 watts, 4ohm 8inch and 10 inch will not fit in stock sub box. the factory amp will not be enough to power that. I have an 8in kicker cvr 4 ohm 400 what max handle and the stock amp doesnt even make it move let alone give you any bass, unless you place on throwing a in a hi/low cross over and a new amp in, id stick with the stock sub. IMO save yourself some money until you can invest in the whole package.

I have everything i need to finish my install, just havent had the time
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Originally i was just running it off the stock amp. which was way worse than the prem. i have yet to fully install everything. i have the hi/low crossover that i was going to run off the inputs that go into the stock amp. i bought only a 200 watt amp because i wanted to keep the amp mounted in the original spot. there is no tweeter above the rear sub. that little grill piece above is more like a vent, i was wondering about that myself and when i tore the rear pannel out there was nothing. you can go two routes running a rear sub. different harrness that gives you rca's or a cross over.

depending what your going for in sound. if your looking for good quality you would be better off replacing the door speakers. you would see some improvement. but you are still limited by the stock hu because of the power its putting out. but would be better than stock.

I wired my sub as 4ohm because thats what it technically is, is a 4ohm. My guess for stock door speakers, is around 25 but not sure.

Not sure what year your running but i only thought the newer like my 09 was only 5 speaker. like you said two front two back and then sub.
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I have to say im very impressed with the sound quality the premium sound system in these. way better than some other ones i have heard. Besides my '10 mustang with the shaker 500
Thanks for going the extra mile to prove me wrong,

escape-limited said:
here is pics of the sub location. and the impedace of the sub each channel at 1ohm

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