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replacing factory sub in premium radio

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im planning on replacing the factory sub on my premium radio. does any one know what the wattage, ohm impedace the factory sub is? looking at probably just putting in a kicker 10c84. going to replace the speaker at a later time.
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I want to add a bigger amp and a subwoofer without changing my stock head unit. Im using this LOC ... -LC2i.html

There are 4 wires that run from my stock amp to the stock sub. Can I tap into these wires and run them to my Line Out Converter? The only other option would be to tap into the two rear speakers (left and right), but this is extra work I'm trying to avoid. Will the line outs to the sub work? (im guessing the stock sub is a dual voice coil - so I can use the wires from one coil to my L input on the LOC and the wires from the second coil to the R input on the LOC).

Help!! :confused:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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