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Replacing the front Grill Emblem on a 2008 Escape.

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Anyone know of a website that will make custom emblems?

I want one the same size/shape as the Ford emblem so it fits correctly but want to change the picture/emblem.

Alternatively I've seen Decals you can sick over the original Ford emblem but not sure how good that would look.
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Contact Steve over at He can can make you a custom emblem with your artwork or come up with something custom in almost any shape, size and color that you can imagine. I had him make me a custom emblem for my F150 and it looks so close to OEM that people ask me all the time about it. He does great work and is very reasonable.
Scooter Scott said:
Define reasonable
He made my STUD MONKEY EDITION emblem for $45. He didnt charge me a setup fee, and he sent it to me completely polished, painted and ready to install. It is domed just as the factory emblems and the work is flawless.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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