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This is a review of Stampede Products VP hood protector 2142-2 Smoke. I just installed on my 2008 Escape XLT.
VP stands for their Vigilante Premium series. It is 1.5" taller than their LP, low profile series which they felt if more for nose protection and looks rather than hood protection. It is a stand away design. They do not feel their products or any of the protectors out there really deflect bugs and thus why they call them hood protectors. They told me the only ones that can do that are the ones that mount vertical and flat.

If you want to see what this will look like they have a pdf with photots. ... ape_HP.pdf

So far I say it is a very good product but have only had it installed a few days so will reserve any grade or star rating until I test it longer.
If you do not see any follow up, most likely I was please.

I had a little trouble at first understand the instructions since they listed instructions for early model and late model. There instructions could use some illustrations to make things clear.

In case you buy this, and get confused, most likely you will have the later model. I then discovered I had older stock and was missing a secondary hardware pack. I called Stampede and they mailed out new instructions and the missing screws/nut pack.

But I found that I was not sure that the single install hole from Ford factory was the correct hole. Calling Stampede there was some confusion if I had the correct hole.

Stampede went out there way to go to a dealership they owned, take photos of an 2010 and installed the same product with step by step photos for me While they were doing that I took photos of my 08 and we confirmed the correct start hole. It is the hole that is left of center that lines up with the left center tab

That will save you allot to the time it took for me to be sure I was installing correctly. It should take 10 minutes to install.

So you will have to use the self tapping screws to make the 3 holes. The Escapes only have one stock hole which you put what they call a NUT but it like a plastic anchor for the screw.

The self tapping screws work but you need to put some pressure and then risk stripping the hole it makes. So just get it started and then hand tighten.
More on that later.

So if you order one and get older stock, and have a newer Escape, just call Stampede since you will need the nut anchor that comes with the new pack.
I mention this again since I will give a link of where I bought mine since it was a very reasonable price.
I bought from a dealer on their list. I paid $50.87 ... c=&pfc=BS& As I said, what I received from older stock for the 2008 but not sure if they mail out the same for all models even it if it the same product.

Install is easy enough once you understand the pieces. find the factory hole, stick in the nut anchor screw in the first screw, center (they provide a small underside notch to show you the center of the protector), and then make an even gap so you can set up the spot for the hole. Ford does not give us two holes so you use the self tapping screw. Then move to the outside tab and use the self tapping screw and washers.

I will say I was at 80 mph and there was very little movement in the protector. There is no risk of it flexing back and hitting the hood. Stampede makes all sort of cosmetic versions of this protector. Clear, smoke, chrome, camo, and moe at a higher price of course.

So over all the CS at Stampede has been great and I hope their product holds up over time.

PS I did over tighten the right center tab with the self tapping screw. So I removed it and drilled a hole to fit the nut that was in the main bag, It was larger than the factory hole but it holds better.
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