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arbs said:
A bit of a weird one...

Spotted what I assumed was a maverick in my town yesterday (which in itself is a fairly rare thing over here!) stood out abit as it had aftermarket alloys and a bull bar and spots on the front. Wasnt til I followed it out of a junction that i noticed it was badged an Escape!

Noticed it had a bumper sticker that mentioned something about not stopping for kangeroos (seriously!) so assume it may be an import from Australia? had a weird style number plate on it too (tho not like a Aussie plate) - just 6though it was really odd.

Are the Australian escapes built in Alabama too? If so it must be the most well travelled escape in the world!
We get them quite a lot up here, either on Rectangular British ( I.E. import style) or on US plates.
Given your location I would guess that it's come from one of the US Airforce bases in Suffolk.

Indeed I once was overtaken by a Silver Mercury Mariner Hybrid ( running on Texas plates) on the M1 not so long back (Dasha, was that you????) :shrug: ;)
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