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roof lighting

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ive seen a few people mount lights to their roof rack.

anyone find an easy, clean way to get a power wire up there?
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most likely gonna be high-power driving lights but may just find some led driving lights.
sorry for not being clear.

my plan is to buy 4 LED driving lights or "fog lights" mount them to the front roof rack bar. and all i need is to get a power and ground wire up there to them.

ive seen one member drill a hole and put a plug (5pin trailer harness plug i believe) into his roof giving him power to the roof lights and the ability to remove them easily. this is an amazing idea im just worried about drilling the roof with the rust and leaking and all. was wondering what other people have done to get power to the roof?

i see the roof rack is bolted down all along the rail, was thinking maybe one of these screw holes could give me access?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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