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Rough idle when cold-just for info!!!

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Do not waste your money buying some parts when you do not need to!
I have issue with my Escape 2001 with rough idle when engine starts cold it has died several times,The engine light never goes on and I started to worry this can be something else but after buying new ignition coils,spark plugs,fuel injectors,EGR valve,EGR valve pressure sensor,IAC Idle air control sensor and EGR Vacuum Solenoid.
After changing all of these above Idle problem is come back again and I did't have any idea where to look for problem.
Searching web I fond many forums with same issue on ford Escapes and many owners can't find problem with idling without engine light on.
Today I research all of my emission control and I finally got into MAF Master Air flow sensor this sensor cost around $130.00 and I decide to clean my MAF.
I use QD electronic cleaner and sprayed almost 1/2 bottle into MAF sensor and I dried with dust cleaner.
I placed back started engine and got surprised the engine starts to run normally when idle.
I hope this info can be helpful for someone who have same issue.
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Welcome to E-C, and thanks for the tip!

you know i am actually having this same problem i used seafoam with my last oil change put it in the crank case, gas tank and in the brake booster vacuum line and it really helped alot. i am having another issue with my pre-cats cloging again i think ill just go for the msds headers
It's amazing what we will spend to cure a problem... No one is happy when his ride is sick...

BTDT! :yes:
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