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Rust/Sound Proof undercoating

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While waiting for My 2010 Escape to be built, I've been left with the option to have the Rust/Sound proofing sprayed on the underside of the car at the dealership when it arrives. Is it worth it? There's also an Electronic, enviro-friendly version of the rustproofing that is apparently transferrable when you decide to trade your car in. Cost is $699.00 Canadian for either. Can prob get it for $499.00 according to Finance Manager. Just not sure on my plan of action. Cheers. :whistle:
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The Electronic version is snake oil - avoid.

Dealer applied rust proofing? I'd avoid. Although at $499 it is 5 years worth of rust check, but I've seen this stuff applied. Let's just say it doesn't always get to every corner. And the sound deadening is neglibible at best.

Find a good local rust check or Krown guy and develop a rapport with him.

Then again, I've really never seen a rusty Escape/Tribute on the road, so not really sure if even Rust Check is needed, but I am a believer having driven 1980s Hondas and seen what salt can do to a car :shock:
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