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After I took my E to Costco for tires (mistake, never gonna do that again) it looks like when they put it in the air they broke, deformed, and lost 3 of the retainers for the plastic underbody shields that run from the engine shield to the rear axle.

I know it happened then, because they also jacked up my stupid 2 piece lug nuts, which I know are problematic eventually, but not mine, not where I live. When I was swapping them out I saw the shield was drooping.

There seem to be 2 different types of retainers, some on fine threaded studs, and some on course self tapping type threads. I think they lost at least one of each, including ones that need removed with pliers (or a 6.5mm socket, which I have, but not a deep one.
These suckers are $4.50-$6 each at the dealer, but they only seem to want to sell a bag of 12. Online they are $2.75-$3 but automatic shipping of $9-12. eBay I can get them for around $8 shipped.

I have had this fun fix for awhile, and it was fine until a traffic cone darted out in front of my wife and she hit it.

Knocking one of them off (and the front "mud flap" which I know is an air deflector) causing the panel to droop again.

Decided to just knock out something temporary on my 3D printer. The PLA one worked fine, but PLA doesn't hold up well in the ambient temps I live in, so did a few in ABS:

5 minute build in tinkerverse, one prototype, then added the shoulder and taller internal nubs instead of trying to do threads.
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No more drooping plastic panel. If I find these retainers in the junk yard I would grab some, but I think these are suitable and will be fine.
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Nice temporary to semi-permanent fix. Your underbelly looks like my 5th wheel used to look like. I spent the last 1.5 months replacing most of the plastic underbelly (made from Coroplast). The original was 1 continuous piece of coroplast held in place by #14 x 1 1/2 self tapping screws. I replaced most of it with 4 ft x 6 ft panels.
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