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Three Italian Catholic nuns die in a freak car accident.
Up in Heaven at he paradise gates St.Peter welcomes them with some comforting and encouraging words.
"I know that all three of you have lived a gracious and pious life so I am giving you the choice to go back on earth and live a new life as someone else.Tell me who do you want to go back as and I shall fulfil your wish."
The first nun said:"I want to go back to earth as Sophia Loren" and off she went.
The second nun said:"I want to become Candice Bergen" and off she went.
The third nun expressed the wish to return to earth as Sahara Pipeline.
A puzzled St.Peter asks her:"Who is Sahara Pipeline?"
So the nun takes out of her garment the front page of "The New York Times" and unfolds it right in the face of St.Peter who reads:"Sahara pipeline was laid by 3000 workers".
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