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Said goodbye to my step rails today

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Yeah, they had a little rust on 'em...but then my wife drove the Escape yesterday. She uses the step rail to get in - and apparently it was very loose. Had a look today. The bottom of the rails, where they affix to the mounting brackets, was completely rusted through on 2 of the 3 brackets, and mostly gone on the third. I actually just gave a big yank and pulled the step rail right off the brackets, then crawled under to unbolt the brackets from the frame. Bring a can of PB Blaster under there with you, and a wire brush.

If anyone ever has to do this, it's a 10mm bolt.
Which begs the question: WHY DOES MY AMERICAN CAR, ASSEMBLED IN AMERICA, HAVE METRIC BOLTS???????????? :mad:

I swear, nothing is sacred anymore.
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David, there's nothing left for a welder to work on! I think I'll leave it without rails. It looks ok. And at 134k miles, I'm not sure it's worth investing in anything cosmetic at this point.
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