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SAP Headlight

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I got the right SAP headlight yesterday. Left is on the way! Hopefully it wont be too much of an issue installing with the bull bar I have on.

Here's a pic:

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If you find out how to remove the front bumper, let me know. Turns out the front bumper's gotta go to get access to the horn. I tried going through the wheel well and ... well, to say the least, it's not where I thought it would be. I mean, it's under the driver-side headlight, but...

1) I couldn't find my flash light.
2) it sounds like it's right next to the fog light.
How do you know it's not essential? :lol:

Was it the eBay light?

So I did some calculations while staring at some Edge tires and here's what I can let you know:

Pretend the 16" tire is the default. 235/70R16

Escape 17": 225/65R17 is actually 1.5 inches shorter in total, 5% shorter circumference
Wheel is 17x7

245/60R18 (Edge's 18) registers 2% larger circumference.
wheel is 18x8

255/55R18 registers 0.3127% larger circumference (with BMW X5 tire)

255/60R17 registers 0.3263% larger circumference.

255/50R19 registers 0.299% larger cirumference

In case you wanted to go with a different tire size.
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Stealth87 said:
Well I hope the piece isn't essential, however I attached it back on :thumb:

Thanks for the wheel info, but I'm set on getting the 17" SAP Wheels, they look damn good.

Now I just need to find a set of four!
I'll keep an eye out on the eBay front for ya. All I can see are the chrome ones. I'll try CL locally too.
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