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SAP Headlight

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I got the right SAP headlight yesterday. Left is on the way! Hopefully it wont be too much of an issue installing with the bull bar I have on.

Here's a pic:

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Eddie95Z28 said:
gbrown69 said:
i think it would be very easy to modify normal headlamp to sap one...
it seems only that they have a black painted area around the projector.

once shell separated from the lense itself, just painting the same area with matte black paint would make them appear as s.a.p. headlight....
So you are saying the outward facing clear glass is the same on the standard and SAP light?
They are all the same,the difference is that for SAP lights the housing is black(from the factory)and the other ones are chrome.If you want to get the same look you need to open the headlight and paint the housing. I did that to my lights.
Those lights will look great on your black E. :thumb:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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