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Satisfied 08 XLT owner

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I just inherited a 2008 XLT 2.3L version from my daughter. The dealer offered her next to nothing for it so daddy stepped in to help and paid 3 times the value of the vehicle to help her LOL. Things we do for our kids. 220k miles on factory drivetrain

Anyways I had to do a few things to it to get it where it is.

1. Biggest issue was the water housing leak from a crack in the cheap plastic design
2. EGR valve was setting off CEL code
3. Brakes due to sticking caliper passenger side (rebuilt existing one)
4. Wheel speed sensors on both front were bad
5. Stock radio system was killing battery overnight (replaced with Bluetooth unit)
6. Replaced battery

So nothing major or too costly to fix. The TPMS light is on and Im not sure if its a bad sensor or just needs a reset. I dont have the tool to try to reset and havent gone down to tire shop yet to use theirs.

I have fallen in love driving it.\ 150hp 2.3 could use some more pep but 27mpg makes it a bit easier to like ;) .

Today I will be investigating why the washer for windshield is not working if rain holds out. Unsure if motor is bad or if clogged screen in tank. I do know its a PITA to get to inside the fenderwell.
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Im looking all around the site and like what I see so far. Do wish it was a bit more active but hopefully that is sporadic
. :)
It's not super active, because...well....there is not much to talk about. The cars are fairly reliable, the owners aren't fanboyz and there just isn't a lot of drama.
If you want a busy forum, I can recommend a G6 forum. Lotsa action there.

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