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I love Saturday nights. Gin & tonic by the barrel. Funny how everything looks/feels/seems a little better when the edges are all a little fuzzy. I am now the US correspondant for the British Saloon Car Club of Canada. I track Ebay sales for little British cars for the bimonthly newsletter. I am doubtful that I can turn this into a full time job, but hopeful.

My MGB is tucked away for the winter at the back of the garage. Won one award at car shows this year. Need a new clutch. I will try to sell the car in the spring and buy a Hillman Husky wagon. Or a Triumph Mayflower. Or another of the 3,692 cars I want but have not owned yet.

I can trace my family name (Leggett) back 12 generations.

I like fried seafood. Had dinner twice this past week at the Maine Fish Market in Windsor, Ct.,, while traveling on business. I like them, they like me, we're a happy wait, that's the Barney theme song. Lobster bisque, fried shrimp & haddock, double G&T's, HDTV, etc.

Why are there no Chinese guys named 'Rusty'? Maybe the name just never caught on?

Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.

Vote :bill: in 2012!
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