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Scratched dash

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the dash on my 05 escape has lots of small scratches on it from moving stuff around, and around the radio area when i had my deck replaced the first time they scratched it up bad.

anyone found any ways of getting the scratches out?
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awsome thank you very much for the sugestion i am going to try to pick some up today. these scratches are really irritating.
bah, having no auto zone in canada, i went to part source. they looked at me with a blank face lol. he said no "KIT scratch remover" only scratch removers they have were scratch doctor and scratchX or something. and the mothers scratch stuff but they are all for exterior paint. the employee told me to goto an auto body shop and said they might know what to do. gonna give the back to black a shot before anything. but he said since its hard plastic thats scratched i might be screwed
awsome idea's im gonna give them all a shot, thank you!
so i took a few minutes today and tried out the lighter idea, suprisingly it worked!! so im going to take some time and do a good job with it. just a tip its best to cover the area above the scracth with something to prevent the lighter from making burn marks.
not a bad idea at all on the torch, i was also thinkiing of giving a good heat gun a shot.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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