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More Power More Data Less Fuel ! This is SCT's most powerful and comprehensive flash device to date.
Features Include :
The unit holds 3 custom tunes made by us for your specific application
Full blown OBD-II Datalogger
Widebad 02 sensor port
Estimates HP/TQ along with 1/4 mile and 0-60 times
Read and clear DTC's
Built in programmable shift light

I stole this stuff from so that I got all the info in here. If you guys want to order one visit

Torrie owns that site and he has created custom tunes for all of our Escapes that work pretty darn good. You can contact him at [email protected]

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I won't hold my breath......

This appears to be the comparable product over here. But here it's 450 pounds. That's $900!!!

More off-putting than the price though is the fact that the Maverick is/was a rare sight on the roads, and I doubt if they'd ever have tuned one. Therefore, they're inexperienced with the traits and foibles of the Escape/Maverick that you know back-to-front.
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