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SCT Xcal3 for better mileage

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I don't know how many of you are aware but the sct flash programmer works for the escape/tribute. I had custom tunes made and it can be uploaded to a sct xcal3 for tuning your escape or tribute. I have an 03 tribute with the 3.0 v6 in it, same v6 as in the escape. At the height of the gas prices I decided to order 1 to get better mileage out of it since the stock fuel mileage was crappy. (15l/100km city) from my tribute. So it ran me 400 for the tuner and I paid extra for the tunes. The tunes I can email to someone for a small price of course with payment via paypal. With the tune for gas economy I got 13L/100km a savings of 2l/100km which from what I gather is about average for city and highway made about a 3-4L/100km difference on regular gas. There are 4 tunes in total including a performance tune and a towing tune and 1 for mid grade gas tune. It can also be used to scan codes and on other ford vehicles. Overall I think it was worth the buy and was very happy with it. So if any of you want to save on gas and get a handy programmer I recommend this 1.
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andjayik said:
can these be used on a 09?
i'd also like to know this...

i also use the xcal on my 00 mustang gt. good piece of tuning equipment.
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