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has anyone ever used this on an ESCAPE before?

I'm considering it. 2003 XLT 3.0 with 90k miles on it.
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here is a link for those who are wondering what sea foam is.
It is recognized as a good product. If you have never had your injectors cleaned you might want to have it done professionally. Many oil change places do it.
i use it everytime i change my oil works great i also put it in the crank case and in the gas tank
do you also run it through a vacuum line such as the brake booster?
every tutorial I've seen recommends that.
I never use the stuff. Cars run fine, last a long time.
I have used this stuff in my outboard engine, Lawn mower, Ice Auger, Rototiller, Snow Blower. What a difference it made. This stuff really works and works well.
I treat this stuff like it was toxic waste, read the warning label!
yea run ti through the brake booster line, make sure to pour it very slowly into the line, i think it calls for a third of a can. also do this in a well ventilted area as the fumes that come out of your exaust are terriable
expect a smoke show soon

:rockon: :yes:
I use sea foam religiously in my crank case and gas tank, one of the best products I've ever used for cleaning fuel injectors. As far as for the brake booster line, I would be EXTREMELY careful. My last experience with using sea foam caused a vacuum line to blow off from a T joint, and caused a smoke show in FRONT of the car, not the tailpipe... :doh: luckily it was my friend's Taurus with the Duratec 3.0, so it was fairly easy to put it back together.

that's unfortunate.

I'm trying it tomorrow. :bag:
I hear it's possible to hydrolock your engine if you pour in too much at once. I normally just spray some TB cleaner down the intake when I clean the throttle body. Never used seafoam before nor poured anything down the brake booster vacuum line.
well, it worked!

I used the brake booster line, had a buddy run it at 1500rpm, then SLOWLY poured in 1/3 can. Let it sit for about 10-15 mins, then start it up (in a well ventilated area) and rev it for a little bit. Afterward, take it out for a "spirited" drive (drive it loke you stole it) for about 10 miles or until the smoke clears.

Bring it back, and change the oil. (I used Mobil 1 5w-20)

I took it out for a drive after the whole service was done. It seems powerful according to the mental dyno. The car seems to run smoother, but a few MPG figures will add some evidence.

Overall, i am happy with the results of seafoam.
sidewinder: how did you get the brake booster line off?? I wanted to do this for a while but i kept struggling with the line. It attaches to a square plastic part which is attached to the booster by a grommet, and I did not want to rip the grommet...
just pull the whole line 90 degree plastic thing and all right out of the round deal what ever its called mine went right back in
Is there any risk of vapor lock ,during the summer with this ' SEAFOAM' ?
I just yanked the sucker out.

The only way you can lock it is if you add too much. I only added about 5.7 OZ.
I doubt you can vapour lock. Hydrolock is a remote risk.
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