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Selling the Escape's snorkel *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

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Alright, I am looking to finally get rid of the snorkel I paid so much money for. I can post pictures of it later tonight when I get on my home computer. Make me an offer!

(be reasonable with your offer, I paid over $200 for it and since then it has been cleaned up and I figured out a way to make it work. A brand new snorkel costs over $300.)

I would LIKE to get $175 for it, but make me an offer. I could be feeling overly nice when I read your reply.

I have no idea what shipping would be for it but I will see how cheaply I can get it sent.
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and.....the reason why I am not selling it for anywhere near full cost:

But if your wondering, YES, it can be fixed with some inginuity(sp?). I already picked up the parts that should fix it, just never actually installed it onto my 'scape.
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This is the snorkel that came off this car:

Some one make me an offer?
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Seriously, $120 plus shipping and it is yours.
theescaperoute said:
You ever sell that snorkel?
Nope, i'm willing to let it go for $90 plus whatever shipping costs.
Hey, ive still got this snorkel. Anyone local interested in it can have it for $40. Or, someone can just pay for the shipping on it. Its just sitting in the garage taking up space at this point.

Also, the look cool. Just my .02 cents.
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02escapexlt said:
how much to ship to 06085 im very interested
UPS Ground 62.16 USD*

FedEx Home Delivery® 56.16 USD

Sadly, the box is going to be kind of big so it ups the shipping costs.
Well, the deminsions for the box will be about 41" tall x 24" high x 10" wide. The snorkel wheighs in at about 10lbs. If you want to calculate shipping from me, my zip is 92691.
Squishy said:
Greyhound doesn't list dropoff points directly in either of your cities, so I just randomly picked whatever it showed me from California and Connecticut. They probably aren't the closest cities to your actual location, but shipping from Madera, CA to Bridgeport, CT is $39.20.
:lol: Madera is like a 6 or 7 hour drive from me. The city of Santa Ana is the closest and that's about a 30 minute drive which is cool. And it looks like Hartford is closest to him which also looks about a 30 minute drive.

And that quote comes to: Total: $36.20
02escapexlt said:
thanks a lot for your time and effort but i tihnk the shipping is gunna be too expensive, i appreciate you looking into it tho
No worries.

And just to say this, this snorkel brand new would cost between 200 and 300 dollars. So getting it for the price of shipping is an amazing deal. Hell, I paid 200 for it.
Scooter Scott said:
They are more popular in the jeep world :)
Its actually one of my next mods. I drive on a bunch of dusty roads in convoys with other Jeeps and I keep cloging my filters.
Yes, its still available. It will only be available until Oct. 13th of 2009. After that, its probably going in the trash as I am leaving for basic training and since my arse belongs to the Army for the next 3 years, I dont need it taking up room in storage.
USAFescape said:
Do you still have the Snorkel? My zip code is 89115
DBMJ211 said:
do you still have the snorkel? my zip is 92545 in ca what would shipping be?
Yes, I still have it and it is still available. Just pay for the shipping and it's yours. As far as cost, please look around to find the cheapest way to ship it for yourself. I have listed what the box size with need to be and the weight of it. I have also provided my Zip code. Let me know if you are still interested in it.

02escape said:
Well, the deminsions for the box will be about 41" tall x 24" high x 10" wide. The snorkel wheighs in at about 10lbs. If you want to calculate shipping from me, my zip is 92691.
megascape said:
I have a 2008 XLT V6. that used fairly often off road. will it fit the '08 system? easier to ask then search
Sorry, it does not fit for your body style.
I had held onto this snorkel for a while for some reason but I chopped it up and threw it away a few months ago. I had joined the army, went around the world and when I got home, I cleaned out my old junk. I can not believe this thread still exists.
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