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Shortest employment ( Physically stressfull)

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My other very brief employment period, was also for half a day. But it was definitely not relaxing. This job was quite physically demanding. Obviously the opposite of a chocolate factory. Down under our government work agency is titled as ' Centrelink '. I decided to give this " Vineyard Hand " position a go. So henceforth the ' Centrelink ' government pen pusher clerks :lol: sent me to a winery at ' Langhorne Creek '.

Sorry about the laughing, but i find their civil servant job quite amusing. They have no concept , of how to screen people for abilities. Will not give specifics, but at a foundry i used to be at, there was a former hairdresser. He did not last long. It was obvious he was not suited to the metal industry. Poor bloke stressed out over being grubby. I sympathise with him. It was not his problem.

My apology in advance, but i am going to have to be rude. This former hairdresser being sent to a foundry, is a good example of government servants being incompetent twits. " Centrelink " = incompetent clerks who don't know how to screen people. :lol: :hyst: :yes: I have been in enough factories to witness this dilemma.

Basically as a vineyard hand, my procedure was not rocket science. I had to nip off unecessary shoots, and retie the vine plant. Only problem is you are on the knee caps all day. There is the heat of day, plus the flies and mozzies are a nuisance. A comfortable hat, insect repellent, sun screen lotion and sunglasses helps for comfort. Could feel my age catching up, and the pain in knee caps was excruciating.

I began at 7.00 a.m. in the morning. At 11.00. a.m. my emotions were stressing out. By lunchtime break, which is 12.00 p.m. i notified the winery supervisor that i would be calling it quits, because of physicall stress. Once again i only lasted for half a day, but this time the job was physically taxing. It just about kills your knees. :shock:
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Stone how much Vacation did you get saved up from those two half day jobs. Really it would seem to me that those days it didn't even pay to get out of bed.
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