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side signals

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lots of cars now have the side signals either integrated into the mirror or into the body of the vehicle. I was thinking that attaching something to the bottom of the mirror might be cool, has anyone explored an option like this?
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I maybe wrong about this, but am thinking that the mirrors with the repeaters mounted on them also have puddle lamps to light the step area outside the car door when the door is opened. I know they are on the Explorer and larger SUVs from Ford, just not so sure about the Escape.
Too bad, as I think the puddle lamps are a good, if not great idea. The repeaters aren't so important imo, but some folks like them and they work well in tight traffic for those alongside of you.
jpark said:
I think repeater lamps are invaluable, and I'm still amazed that North America is the only continent in the world that does NOT require them.

Puddle lamps are VERY easy to add to the 2008+ models.

The repeater lamps from the 2002-current Mountaineer fit perfectly on the flat area under the mirror housings. They're not flat, but close enough.

1L2Z-13368-BA is the part number (about $12 each), and the WPT-489 wire/pigtail assembly (about $20) plugs right into it. Replace the amber bulb with a #168 or #W5W, and wire it to the interior lamp circuit.

These lamps also make perfect interior lamps in doors.

Are you saying to use these as puddle lamps?

I think I will go look at the Mariner again. I may want to add them to the Tribute...or not, depending.
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