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side signals

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lots of cars now have the side signals either integrated into the mirror or into the body of the vehicle. I was thinking that attaching something to the bottom of the mirror might be cool, has anyone explored an option like this?
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+1. I also had Muth heated mirrors. I ordered them for my 2005 Escape and removed and sold them when I sold my Escape.

I had five minor complaints about the Muth mirrors:

1) The factory mirror glass fits into a recessed plastic carrier, so that the mirror glass is surrounded by a plastic border. The Muth mirrors have only a plastic carrier on the back of the glass, and it does not extend around the mirror glass.

2) That carrier on the back of each Muth mirror isn't always applied accurately, so the result is a mirror that doesn't fit correctly inside the housing. I had to remove the carrier from each mirror (using fishing line to cut through the double-sided tape), then I reapplied each carrier using new double-sided emblem tape so that the mirror glass was perfectly centered in the mirror housing.

3) The Muth mirror glass had a slight curve on the bottom of each mirror that didn't follow the flat line of the mirror housing. It wasn't too bad, but I noticed it.

4) The factory heated mirrors had a stick-on heating element across the entire rear surface of the mirror. The Muth mirrors had a small, rectangular heating element that missed large portions of the glass. My guess is that Muth has a one-size-fits-all heating element for all of its heated mirrors.

5) No amber, only red. Muth doesn't appear to offer as much for Ford models as they do for other brands, even though Ford was the first manufacturer to include Muth mirrors on factory F-150 and Windstar models back in the 90s. And there's nothing for the Fusion, Edge, or 2008+ E/M/Ts.

You can also order their stick-on, wide-angle signal mirrors if you don't want to remove the factory mirror glass. You can get those in either amber or red.
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Nope, the North American E/M/T models have never had either repeater lamps or puddle lamps from the factory.

BUT...for a 2005-2007 North American Escape, you can try to find a pair of the factory mirrors installed on Escapes manufactured specifically for the Phillipines. They drive on the same side of the road, so the mirrors are aimed properly for a left-side driver. Many of the optional mirrors on those models have repeaters and power folding features, but I'm not sure about the puddle lamps. eBay has a site for the Phillipines: You'll find these mirrors there fairly often.

And the coin tray on 2005-2007 North American E/M/Ts is where the power mirror folding control is located on Escapes manufactured for the Phillipines.

2008 and newer E/M/Ts can't use the older mirrors, unfortunately. For those models, I'd use Ford's factory repeater lamps from the Mariner, which match the shape of the door handles. The repeater lamp (clear lamp housing, amber bulb, and socket) part number is 5E6Z-13368-AA, and they're inexpensive (around $3.60). They require a connector and pigtail wiring, which is part number WPT-150 (about $17).

Of course, you'll need to cut into the fenders to do this.

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I think repeater lamps are invaluable, and I'm still amazed that North America is the only continent in the world that does NOT require them.

Puddle lamps are VERY easy to add to the 2008+ models.

The repeater lamps from the 2002-current Mountaineer fit perfectly on the flat area under the mirror housings. They're not flat, but close enough.

1L2Z-13368-BA is the part number (about $12 each), and the WPT-489 wire/pigtail assembly (about $20) plugs right into it. Replace the amber bulb with a #168 or #W5W, and wire it to the interior lamp circuit.

These lamps also make perfect interior lamps in doors.

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