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megascape said:
Ok, don't laugh but I am wondering if anybody make those little equalizers anymore. I have put tons of my old PR records and cassettes onto CD. The real old indy stuff wasn't always (85%) recorded with great care and or quality. I'm not into bass or anything special just lots of treble :thumb: and feedback. So i figure instead of spending money on something i'm really not into like a great system, i figure i can adjust what little adjustment is avail with an equalizer.
Actually processors are pretty common in the aftermarket audio world. I have a 3sixty.2 processor in my Acura, which has ~31 bands of EQ per channel, 5 channels total. It can definitely contour some sound! My truck also has EQ, but actually inside the 4ch amp. It can do 5 parametric EQ bands, which can also do a decent job with most basic setups. It is mostly used to correct the frequency response issues that come up when building a system for a vehicle, which has unique and difficult frequency response issues given the large expanse of plastic and glass, not to mention the awkward placement of speakers, and their relationship to your ears in the driver's seat. EQ's on their own don't always make the best sense, given the cost to performance vs. a processor. But yeah,...they're still around. Digital mostly. It will be REALLY hard to get just an EQ connected to the stock setup. Its kinda a prerequisite if you are going to use an EQ/Processor, you'll need to run a head unit before it, and amplify after it. But you might also get what you want via a head unit that has sound restoration tech, as well as EQ abilities already onboard. That's probably your best bet.
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