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SIRIUS Satellite Radio 2009 Ford Escape XLT

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I purchased my truck in the summer of 2009 and rececntly noticed I was only getting 18 of the 120 channels available from Sirrius Canada. I called Sirius Canada and they resent me the activation to populate my Sirius receiver. However, when the reactivation was completed the number of channels increased from the inital 18 to 33 but not 120.
So I called them again and they sent another reactivation signal to my receiver which did not add anymore channels. I still have 33! They told me it could be a problem with the satellite antenna connection or some other problem in the system. I was advised to contact my Ford dealer to correct the problem.
The deal when I bought the vehicle was a 6 month trial of the "Everthing package" from Sirius which contains 120 channels which was not explained in detail during the purchase. I did not realize I was supposed to get 120 channels.
Has anyone had or heard of a simillar problem with their Sirius satellite radio?
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No, but Sirius may be correct about the antenna wiring. Since it's still under warranty, have you tried to take it back to the dealer?

Oh, and welcome to E-C!
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