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SIRIUS Satellite Radio 2009 Ford Escape XLT

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I purchased my truck in the summer of 2009 and rececntly noticed I was only getting 18 of the 120 channels available from Sirrius Canada. I called Sirius Canada and they resent me the activation to populate my Sirius receiver. However, when the reactivation was completed the number of channels increased from the inital 18 to 33 but not 120.
So I called them again and they sent another reactivation signal to my receiver which did not add anymore channels. I still have 33! They told me it could be a problem with the satellite antenna connection or some other problem in the system. I was advised to contact my Ford dealer to correct the problem.
The deal when I bought the vehicle was a 6 month trial of the "Everthing package" from Sirius which contains 120 channels which was not explained in detail during the purchase. I did not realize I was supposed to get 120 channels.
Has anyone had or heard of a simillar problem with their Sirius satellite radio?
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will8n said:
I have a 2011 Escape XLT. The Sirius radio worked fine when we first got it then stopped working in December. We are getting the "satellite radio fault" display. I called the local Ford dealership in Fairfield, California in February discussed my problem and dropped it off for repair. After working on the vehicle for the day, the dealer said they couldn't get the radio repaired in the time I had available because they would have to order parts and they would need the vehicle for two to three days. I rescheduled and dropped it off Monday, March 5th for repair. I got a call from the dealership on the 8th indicating that they replaced the antenna and that didn't solve the problem. I told them that they should have reviewed the Ford blogs on the internet and they could see that this is a problem with Focus, Escapes, Fusions and in all cases it ain't the antenna that's causing the problem. I was told they would need it a few more days because they'd need to order parts for the repair. As of this writing it is March 11th and we still haven't heard back from the dealership. In reading blogs it seems this problem is caused by a faulty module that is located deep within the dashboard. I'm not sure that Sirius and the Ford service departments are communicating effectively on the issue.
In my discussions with Sirius Customer Service they seem familiar with the complaints on Ford products and assure me my service is activated correctly - it's a problem with the Ford vehicle. I've had XM satellite radio service on my GM products and my Subaru for years with no problems of any kind! I can't understand why Sirius and Ford can't get their act together.
I'll report what the dealership tells me when I call them tomorrow morning. Stay tuned . . . . .
I was on autozone's website today to check on my order, which they haven't shipped yet :rant: , but at any rate, I decided to click on the TSB button. I was looking though there and found TSB 11-3-3 that may help you with your problem with the antenna fault. They don't post info about the TSB, just that there is one that exists. I did a search and found the info on it, it may help you: ... sattsb.pdf

Edit: Never mind, I read the TSB model years wrong. It's only for 2008-2009 models of Mariner and Escape. Who knows, maybe there is another one out.
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