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Site Membership Population

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Has anyone noticed, but the site keeps picking up new members like a magnet does metal chips? :D

Current count is 746. ;) Seems like last week we were down around 500...
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Yes, i have been observing the situation Jonas. Must be something alluring about the site. I anticipate that current participants, are happy to make them welcome, by a variation of factors.

I will surmise that one of those factors is, our willingness to provide and submit, illustrious content for all newer members. :) :lol: :clap: :thumb: :wave: :beer: :whistle: :whistle: ;) ;) ;)
The allure, of this domain is irresistible to them. :) :thumb: :shades: :beer: :happy: ;)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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