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Ski/Board Rack Suggestions?

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I just bought a red '05 XLT. Ruby, as she is now known, has a roof rack but needs a ski/board rack.

I will be taking her up to the mountains (a 45 min to 2 hour trip depending on hill) 2 to 3 times a week come December.

I've seen some nice pics of great looking roof racks on this forum, and would love to hear any suggestions anybody has for ski rack brands that look good.


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I strongly recommend the Yakima rack system for 2 reasons. You can use the factory rack or use the tracks and buy their entire system.

If you choose to use the factory rack, this is the cheaper and less versatile route. You can buy special clips for individual accessories like the FatCat or the Powderhound - I have the "Big Powderhound". I've had these accessories since 2000 and they still work great!!

If you get their rack system you can install their control tower into your factory track, and then put on your own bars (i have 48") and then attach any of their accessories (snow sports, water sports, bicycle, storage, etc). This is a huge advantage if you do multi-season sports. I use the gunwale brackets to haul my canoe in the summer, as well as a bike carrier, and then the powderhound for the winter.

I have included pics of the rack on/off. I have the yakima rack positioned at the furthest ends of the track, and then inbetween I still have the factory rack. I don't leave the bars on all the time as they are round and cause some wind noise (less with a fairing). It took me 2 minutes from start to finish to have the front installed, which includes time to take pics.

Without rack:

Brackets that stay installed on car, I removed the protective cover. (you can see it on the one across on the left)

How the rack seats into the bracket, I also have the locks which are separate but not required.

Rack installed (sorry I had the sunroof open)

Big Powderhound. Slap your gear in there and close it shut!

Totally versatile, I'm a die hard yak fan. I know others are die hard Thule, I guess it comes down to who sold you on the stuff. If you got $$, get the whole package and you'll never look back!!
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Willy, welcome to the board!! Who is the mfg of the box? This should be helpful in understanding what you may need to get your hands on..
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