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Ski/Board Rack Suggestions?

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I just bought a red '05 XLT. Ruby, as she is now known, has a roof rack but needs a ski/board rack.

I will be taking her up to the mountains (a 45 min to 2 hour trip depending on hill) 2 to 3 times a week come December.

I've seen some nice pics of great looking roof racks on this forum, and would love to hear any suggestions anybody has for ski rack brands that look good.


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If your carrying snowboards, you can get these.

they hold either 2 snowboards or 4 depending on the size of the model (rack size).

the problem with this is that the boards have to be placed in the rack base to base, so the bindings might touch the roof of the escape. I dont think the escape roof racks are high enough for this. I could be wrong though.

But for not much more money you can buy one of the roof top box carrier things. The one I purchased was at canadian tire for 220$ on clearance, and its 11 cubic feet. So thats plenty big for like 4 snowboards and some other stuff, or 2 snowboards helmets, pants, coats, boots. and more.
This way you dont get your wet, icy, snowy equipment on the seats/ carpet.

I highly recommend the box over the other board / ski carriers.
(never used one before, but you can use the box to carry a lot more)

I'll get a picture of mine up sometime if that helps.
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Hello Jordan31. We all bid thee good tidings. :) :welcome:
dont you mean TLF? its his first post...

anyways TLF :welcome:
my wife doesn't like the way they look.
honestly, I thought the same thing, I didnt want this ugly huge black thing on my roof...

but, now that its on there, i dont mind it at all.

I liked the Ascent 1100
(made by thule?)
If so, its probably very similar to my karrite 1100, karrite being another brand of thule...

I'll post a pic of mine for you.......... if i can find some batteries for the camera........
Heres some pictures TLF...

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1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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