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Smoke blowing on start up

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Hey, my wife’s 19 Escape with the 1.5 is blowing smoke on start up. It’s not doing it consistently and of course not when I take it to the dealer either but I have plenty of video footage from my Ring cams. I’m thinking the turbo is on its way out even though the useless dealer is saying otherwise. Anybody else have this issue? It’s a dealer maintained vehicle as well and spent 2 months of it’s life at the dealer for a CEL they couldn’t stop from coming on. (Replaced every sensor on it) I’m wondering if there was an underlying issue right off the bat.
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Thanks guys. I checked coolant and it’s good. Usually burning coolant has a distinct smell and is a clean opaque color, the blume of smoke I’m seeing a a sky blue color, if I can figure out how to save the video from ring to my phone to here, I will.
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