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Thanks ertjeffrey!.
:thumb: :welcome:

I have a, " Toshiba Qosmio " X300 series.
Specifications are: WIN VISTA Ultimate 64 Bit.
Service Pack 2.
Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU [email protected]
Memory(Ram ) 6.00 GB
It has an expandable limit of 8GB.
My original ,factory default of ram was 4GB.
I upgraded to 6.00GB.

It has two hard drives.
Also a DVD/CD-ROM drive.
The display adapter, is a NVIDIA GeForce9800M GTX video card.
Total available graphics.....2816 MB
Dedicated video memory....1024 MB
System video memory: 0MB
Shared system memory: 1,792 MB
DirectX version: 10.0


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First with your qosmio, try to do a fresh install of win7 and dump vista as soon as you can :yes:

You'll notice the difference as win7 is much lighter andless buggier than vista

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To the guy above me...I must agree, get Windows 7!

Right now it is on sale at Staples for $129.99 as a Family Pack Bundle (3 uses vs 1)

Toshiba makes one of the better laptops hands down, same with Asus.

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I have an Asus laptop, it's not nearly as pretty as Stone's though. Kind of piano black carbon fibery on the outside and vaguely textured coppery on the inside. Win7 though so I'm happy! :thumb:

Thanks for the offer of help, I'll keep it in mind.
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