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Some Radio-Controlled Fun In The Snow! (lots o' pics)

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I got my R/C monster truck ready for winter and decided to have a little fun in the parking lot at my work. :play: The "action" shots I had to take while holding my phone in one hand and trying to drive the car with the other, which was a wee bit difficult. :D I know there are others here with R/C vehicles, so you can winterize your little ride by wrapping up your servos and other electronics and batteries in balloons or, if space is tight, plastic wrap.

The subject of today's photo shoot is an HPI Savage X SS.

And here it is after it ran out of fuel:

You know I had to work in the Escape somehow... :)P

With the body off. The big purple thing on the right side of the picture is the heatsink for the engine.

Now I just need some real snow around here! :calvin:
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Here's my Savage X 4.6

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Yeah, they light up. Took me forever to find something that would stand up to the abuse of flipping over on it's lid. That's actually two transparent cigarette lighters with the tops cut off and glued together. Add in an led flasher kit and boom! I'll see if I can dig up a vid of it working. And yes, I was hoping no one would notice that I had the wheels on wrong when I took that picture.
RobtRoma said:
Very cool pics! I wish I had time to play with my RC's. I'd love to get the BarbFoot up and running again...

Dude, where did you get those bodies? I've been comtemplating using the Barbie truck body but I haven't checked it's scale. My Savage is 1/8th.
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