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Someone hit my Escape :(

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So I had my Escape parked at my sister's fiance's house. We went out to eat, and when I came back I see this:

It put a huge dent on the bumper, buckled in the fender and the headlight is pointing down a little bit. It was a hit and run and I don't think it is worth turning into insurance...I literally started to tear up when I saw this happened and the person at fault didnt take responsibility. I'm tearing up thinkin about it right now...:(
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Scooter Scott said:
And for a rental they gave me an Expedition...:(
Wait till you see how much gas that uses.......

I drove one for a week on a business trip recently.

...and you still have money left?

Scooter Scott said:
I don't think I need t be that "connected" -\/-
Man that sure would be nice though. If I could add just a normal directv box up to my double-din and it only cost me an additional $5 a month for the extra box :)
Scooter Scott said:
other than me having to pay $500 :(
First Callie's operation, now this. Hope that's it for the big expenses for a while!! :beer:
Me too!
How's Callie doing, BTW?
She is doing great! She went to her checkup and she has 1 hair on each eye growing right at 12 oclock inside her eyelid...but they arent bothering her eyes which is a good sign. If they start bothering her the vet said that there is a new procedure that he would like to try on her that he said other vets have done with success. I'm game for letting him try it as I didn't see any huge risks included with it.
41 - 49 of 49 Posts
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