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Spark Plug Change on 3.0 V6

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I was going to change the spark plugs on my '01 Escape...i got the first 3 done, on the front. And then I saw the back 3 are under the intake manifold. Now changing these means removing the intake manifold. I'm not too sure about this...has anyone else done it? I'm just not overly confident...and as this is my only vehicle and i am not going to pay the dealer $130 to $190 to change 3 spark plugs.
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its really not all that bad, it only looks like a pain. But i like to do work myself instead of paying triple the cost of the part for labor. While your in there you might as well change your PCV valve and put in new upper gaskets. Those together will cost less that 15 bucks well minus plugs
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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