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I recently visited the, ' SPECTRA ' car wash on west terrace.
Have to admit i am ,totally impressed with their efforts. :yes: :shades:

The interior looks as new again.
Outside of car appears presentable.

Very pleased, with their overall detailing. :yes:
They did a beautiful job, of cleaning all the glass windows. :thumb:
" Little Tonka " is an 06 assembly model.

By now she has lost, some of that new car showroom glitz.
This is because of usual wear , plus the car is older now.
After the ' SPECTRA ' firm detail, my escape looks quite snazzy. :happy:

To summarise, i am a very happy customer.
P.S. As an afterthought, the car wash place has no brushes.
They basically do hand wash only. :thumb:
Obviously they have, the pressure spray cleaners.

We have a lot of those, automated brush washers in adelaide.
Those huge brushes that spin around.
I have not used them for years.
Those things are shocking, for scratching duco and glass.
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