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Spoiler color?

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I'm considering adding a spoiler (from ... uctId=2011) to my Sangria Red 2010 Mariner Premier. I already have a dark tinted bug shield and sunroof deflector - along with the black/silver factory roof rack. Here are a couple of pictures I posted recently

It seems that most spoilers I've seen referenced on this site are all body colored. I'm okay with that look, but I'm considering doing it in black instead (flat black?) to match some of the other modifications. It seems like there are enough black accents on the vehicle and a black spoiler might look good. I've certainly seen it used on various vehicles in the past - just not sure it's the best look on the Mariner.

What about using the factory black (UA-Ebony Black) rather than a flat black. Any opinions pro/con out there?
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I'll third that... Body color...
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